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Related article: Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 14:19:27 PST From: Subject: AFTER THE GAME PLEASURES This story is fiction. The usual disclaimers apply. It is for adults who like reading about sex between teens and adults. If you like it let me know - Other similar stories can be found in the Nifty Archive under Eagleman. AFTER THE GAME PLEASURES by Eagleman The game had used every resource he had. It was the first time he had played with the bigger guys and he was definitely winded. He had used every ounce of strength and ingenuity to withstand. His team had won, but it hadn't been easy. All the guys high-fived him after and told him he did great and he felt good about it. He had lasted. Now Terry, tired and sweaty, was sitting on a bench in the playground. He really wanted to go upstairs and take a shower, but he had left his key in his room and his grandmother was out. Terry was seventeen and lived in the projects in Harlem. It was a hot August evening and he had played ball with the older guys for the first time. Usually, he played with his 'boyees' but he had a reputation and they needed another player, so he was in. He had proved himself and was proud. He was especially proud because out there on the Pedo Lolitas court nobody knew about his secret. He kept it well hidden. When he hung out with his boyees he talked about girls and all that stuff, but he really wasn't down with that. His thing was guys - he liked them. He had known this since he was fifteen. His experience had been slight - jerking off with his cousin, reading some porno magazines - that was it. He longed for more but didn't know how to go about orchestrating it. He was waiting to be discovered. He thought he had good prospects - he was handsome, tall for his age: 6'2'', friendly, good body, great buns, long dick - all the necessary ingredients. He just needed somebody to mix it for him. As he sat on the bench trying to figure out how he was going to get into his apartment, Mookie walked up. "Good game, bro. You showed your stuff." He grinned and sat down beside Terry. "Thanks, bro. You the one, man." Terry really liked Mookie. He was twenty-two, lived in the same building and played great ball. Mookie was, like Terry, tall. He was muscled from working out. He was dark complexioned, a distinct contrast to Terry who was light. Right now he had on a tank top and shorts. His rounded, jut-out buns were firmly outlined by the tight shorts. He was looking good. Pedo Lolitas He was the reason Terry wore a jock strap when he played. He didn't want any boners popping up because he was scopin' Mookie. Even with the strap he was hard most of the game. And that was another reason he wanted to get upstairs, he needed relief real bad. "Why you here, dude. Ain't you gonna clean up?" "Can't. My grandmothers at church and I left my keys." Terry was annoyed with himself. "Hey, no problem. Come on with me." Mookie jumped up and began walking off. Terry started to make an excuse, then he saw that ass rolling in the shorts and decided to follow Mookie. Mookie lived on the ninth floor, Terry on the sixth in the project. It was all they knew so they endured it and made the best of it. The elevator got them up to Mookie's place in no time. "Everybody's gone, I'm alone. They went down south for a reunion. I gotta work so I couldn't go. Come on, you know where the shower is." Terry knew because all the apartments were the same. He walked down to the bathroom and went in. He was kind of embarassed and didn't know what to do. Mookie had gone into another room, then Terry heard him coming. "Hey, you takin' a shower in your clothes." He grinned at him. "No, man. Gimme time." Terry was reluctant to get undressed in front of Mookie, but he knew he had to do something. He was really expecting Mookie to make his exit. "Let me get you a towel and shit." Mookie left and Terry closed the door. He took off the rest of his clothes and got into the shower. He figured he'd turn on the water, wait for Mookie to hand him a washcloth and then watch him make his exit. Terry got in, pulled the curtain and got the water going and adjusted. He heard Mookie come in. Just as he was about to reach out for the washcloth Mookie stepped into the shower. He was naked and his dick was standing straight out. He looked at Terry and smiled. "We both need a shower, figured we save water." Mookie had a smirk on his face that spoke volumes. Terry's dick started matching Mookie's. Mookie stepped over to Terry and grasped his dick. "Listen, Terry, you don't want this, I'm cool. Nothing said, nobody knows. If you do and your dicks says you do, then let's do it." Mookie was standing close to Terry whispering in his ear. Terry looked at Mookie and smiled. Of course, he wanted this. "I ain't going nowhere, Mook, I'm stayin'." Terry put his hand around Mookie's hard cock and stroked it. He had never felt another guys' dick before and he liked this. Mookie pulled Terry to him. "Can I kiss you, man?" Mookie looked deep into Terry's eyes and waited. "I want whatever you want to give me, Mook." Terry was hungry for Mookie, real hungry. Mookie kissed him. For the first time in his life Terry had somebody's tongue in his mouth. He opened up to receive all of Mookie's appendage. Mookie's tongue reached and then encircled Terry's and they just swirled around in his mouth. Terry's arms encircled Mookie and held him tight. The water cascaded down on them as Mookie's hands caressed Terry's body. He broke the kiss and just hugged him closely. "Terry, turn around man." Terry turned around and Mookie pulled him close to him. Terry felt Mookie's big dick in the crack of his ass and pushed back against it. Mookie moaned in Terry's ear and sucked his earlobe. Mookie was rubbing Terry's chest, pulling his nipples and caressing his stomach. "Terry, you a fine nigga, bro, so nice. You could make a dude give up women." Terry laughed, but he snuggled closer to Mookie. He just wished Mookie was his for always and it Pedo Lolitas could be like this. "Mookie, I wanna to be with you. I want this." He turned his head so Mookie could put his tongue back into his mouth. He felt Mookie's hand reaching down between his crack and into his manhole. He couldn't believe it. Mookie's fingers were wet from the water and Pedo Lolitas one just slid into Terry's hole with no problem. Terry felt the finger just slip into his anus and up into his hot channel. He pushed his ass back against the finger and wished it could reach further. Mookie's other hand was on Terry's cock stroking Pedo Lolitas it. He kept up the pressure on Terry - stroking his dick and fingering his ass. Terry realized he was going to cum. "Shit, man, I'm coming, oh yeahhhhhhhhhhh." He felt it deep within. It coursed up through his long black dick and splat out against the shower wall. Blast after blast hit the wall and began to run down into the tub. "Yeahhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh." Terry sagged in Mookie's arms. "You nice, bro. I'm gonna care of you." Mookie kissed him on the cheek. "Let's get outta here. We need more room." Mookie stepped out of the shower and helped Terry out. They dried off and went into Mookie's bedroom. Mookie lay down on the bed and pulled Terry on top of him. "You a virgin, man?" "Yeah, Mook. I'm givin' it to you, You first." Terry's mouth was at Mookie's ear. Mookie's hands were roaming all over Terry's body, especially his ass. "I want this ass. You down with that?" "I told you, anything you want, Mookie." "You know how fab this shit is, Terry? This is better than pussy, man. I'm gonna show you." Mookie pulled Terry to him tightly and squeezed him. Terry like being in these strong, muscled arms. He snuggled in and kissed Mookie's ears, his cheeks, his head. "Yeah, Terry, love me, man, love me." Mookie liked this. He realized this kid was hot for him. They lay there a long time just enjoying the feel of each other's body. For Terry it was a new experience and he wanted as much of it as he could get. He lay on top of Mookie and just let his hands roam over his body. He felt his big dick pushing against his and begin grinding into him. "Terry, move up here." Mookie pulled Terry's body up so that he was sitting on Mookie's chest with his dick at Mookie's mouth. He watched as Mookie raised up and began licking his dickhead. He licked all around it and down the side. Soon he took it in his mouth and began sucking it. He reached around and pulled Terry's ass and got him into a fucking movement. Terry eased his dick in and out of Mookie's mouth. He moaned. "Ahhhhhhhhhh, oooooooohhhhhhhh." Mookie eased off. He didn't want Terry to come yet. Mookie eased himself down in the bed through Terry's legs so that he was behind him. He turned around, pushed Terry down on the bed so that his ass was sticking up and he parted his cheeks. He looked at Terry's brown spot and reached in to kiss it. He kissed it and then blew on it. Mookie put his face into Terry's crack and began rimming him deep. His tongue reached into Terry's hole and twisted around. He pushed in as far as he could and then pulled Terry back on him. Terry ws beside himself. He had no idea anybody did this. He was on fire. Mookie raised up and looked at him. "You like that, Terry?" "Shit yeah, man. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let me do you." "Wait, bro. This is your time now." Mookie grinned and kissed Terry's asscheeks. He spread them again and went back to rimming. He kept up the pressure on Terry until he was whimpering. Finally he pulled up. "Oh God, I love this! I love this!" Terry screamed out in pleasure. Mookie chuckled. "OK, Terry, it's my turn." Terry had wanted the rimming to last forever but he also wanted to love Mookie like he was loving him. Mookie instructed Terry to get between his legs as he lay on his back. Mookie spread his legs far apart and Terry moved in close. He took Mookie's big dick in his hand and began licking like he had done to him. Mookie instructed him how to use his tongue and hide his teeth. Soon Terry was sucking like a pro. He knew he was because Mookie was lifting his hips off the bed and thrashing around like crazy. The dick was too big to get all of it in but he worked well with what he could get. He slurped and licked and brought Mookie to the edge. Mookie stopped him. "You wanna taste my ass?" "Yeah, Mook, I told ya, I wanna do it all, man." Mookie lifted his legs and pulled them back to his chest. Terry got a good look at Mookie's puckered opening. Again, this was a first for Terry. He had never looked at anybody else' asshole. He looked and then bent over. Just as Mookie had done to him he licked and blew on the hole. Then he put his tongue on the hole and began to push in. He thought it would be gross but he liked it. The smell was right and the feel was good. He pushed in and got his face deep into Mookie's crack. He loved it. He kept it up for a long time: licking and reaching. He listened to Mookie groan and knew he was right on target. Without being told he lifted off, wet his finger, stuck it in where his tongue had been and went back to sucking Mookie's long dick. Mookie began to buck on the bed and soon his dick erupted in Terry's mouth. Gobs of jism slammed into the back of Terry's throat and he swallowed every drop. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh, yeah, oh yeahhhhhhhhhhh." Mookie bucked for a long time. "Mookie, I like this, man. Oh shit, I like this." Terry was laying along side of Mookie on his bed. Actually, Terry had his head on Mookie's chest and Mookie was caressing Terry's ass. Terry reached over and felt Mookie's dick. It was hard again, so was Terry's. "Mookie, you gonna fuck me? I want you to." "What can I say, man. I'm your servant." Mookie smiled and kissed Terry. Mookie moved over and let Terry lay in the center of the bed. He got between Terry's legs and lifted them so that they were on his shoulders. He looked into Terry's handsome face and noticed his green eyes. He thought about how well they contrasted with Terry's light brown skin. "You handsome, Terry, real good lookin'. You gonna like this. The pain ain't gonna'last." He looked down at Terry's brown spot. Mookie wet his fingers and pushed one in again. First one, then two, then three fingers went into Terry's rectum. He reached up and felt his prostate and pushed it. Terry moaned. Mookie kept reaching and twisting, preparing Terry for his nine-inches. When he felt it was enough he pulled out, lubed his dick and got into place. He pushed and watched the hole begin to expand. He pushed some more and watched his dickhead slip in. Terry said nothing, he grimaced, but said nothing. Mookie's dick kept disappearing into Terry's hot ass. His channel was stretching to accomodate this long black rod. Terry felt Mookie's pubes slap against his asscheeks and knew he had it all. He grinned. There was pain but it was subsiding. He put his arms around Mookie, pulled him down closer and kissed him. This was what he had always wanted and he knew it would be good. "You OK, Terry?" Mookie looked into Terry's eyes to gauge his pain. "Yeah! Do this thing, man!" Terry's arm reached around Mookie's back and he held him tightly. Mookie did it. He plunged into Terry and pulled back out. Their bodies began pulling and pushing against each other. Mookie's long dick was surrounded by the warmth and tightness of Terry's hot channel. He pistoned into him and enjoyed the feel of his hot ass on his hard dick. Terry began lifting his ass to match Mookie's rhythm. They were working together to give each other the maximum pleasure. "Ummmmmmmm," Terry liked the feel of Mookie's long black dick ramming into him. He had not realized it could be this good. "You sweet, man, this hot ass is sweet, Ter." Mookie held Terry tightly and whispered into his ear. "I'm gonna make you cum again and I'm gonna fill you with my stuff, man." "Yeah, Mook, this shit is so good, fuck meeeee!" Terry's hands were roaming all over Mookie's muscled body. He kissed his face and nibbled his ears. Terry's legs were wrapped tightly around Mookie's waist, pulling him into him. "You hot, nigga, real hot! You the best! Ohhhhhh!" Mookie's steel rod was pushing Terry's prostate with each stroke. "Ohhhhh, yeahhhhhhhh, fuck meeeeeee! Yeahhhhhh." Terry knew he was going to come again. Mookie had started jerking his hot cock in rhythm with his plowing. He was pulling way out of the tight channel and pushing back in real hard. He had increased his tempo so that his pubes were slamming aginst Terry's ass at a fast pace. It was a quick in, out, in, out pace that created a slapping together of flesh in a one, two beat. Mookie and Terry continued to dance this erotic dance for a long time. Mookie was intent on giving Terry the best time he had ever had. He wanted him to remember this for a long time to come. His dick kept them united in a pleasure tour that was hitting all the right spots. "Oh shit, man, I'm cumming." Terry moaned in Mookie's ear. "Me, too, man, your hot ass is gonna get my juice." Mookie groaned and then pushed in deep. "Yeahhhhhhhhh, ooooooohhhhhh, yeahhhh, shittttttt." His long black dick began to spurt into Terry's tight channel. His white lava bounced off the walls of his rectum, filled it and began oozing out. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh, yeaaaaaaahh, Mookieeeeeeeee, shitttttttt." Terry's dick also began spurting. His face caught the first two blasts of white jism and the rest landed on his chest. "That was for you, man. You the best, Terry and I got somethin' else for you, too." Mookie was still laying on top of Terry and he reached down between them and felt Terry's dick. It was beginning to hardened. Terry knew what Mookie had in mind and he was getting harder just thinking about it. He let his hands move down Mookie's back and find his jut-out buns. He caressed his mounds and felt their roundness, their firmness. He knew he would soon be in between the valley that separated these two fleshly mounds. Mookie bent down and kissed Terry on his lips. He grinned at him and held him tightly. Pedo Lolitas Terry felt loved and safe in his strong arms. The game had been great, but it was the after-game action that was the best.
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